Japanese Pokemon 151 Booster Box SV2a

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Contains 20 Packs of 7 random cards

This set contains 165+ cards based on the original Kanto and 151 Pokemon, featuring new ex Pokemon. After 20 long years, KADABRA makes a return to the Pokemon TCG, due to a long hiatus for looking like another spoon bender, and what better set to make a return, this will be a very popular set for all Pokemon Fans, especially us Gen1 lovers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tyler Roberts
Great company

Great people, Great prices, great company. If you like pokemon this is the place to buy.

Michael Goodson
Great pulls!

Pulled the Charizard SAR! Very satisfied with the price and ease of shipping. Will definitely be back for more Japanese boxes in the future.

Fun/Quality Product

First time purchasing/opening a Japanese booster box and must say it was a fun experience. The quality of cards is great and hits we got were pretty good as well. Will definitely purchase more in the future.

David Atzbach

Product was delivered perfect.

Jose Flores
Pokémon 151 japoneses booster box

I'm away super excited Too purchase my cards from poke collect store the best set we could ever buy form poke Call let...My second pokemon 151 japoneses booster box I pull the chaser charizard special art 🎨 🐲...looking forward to keep buying more & more To collect my collections binders...thanks poke collect we would like to get more sticker form ya went we purchase form ya too show my people where I buy my dope cards

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