PokeMaster Pack

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PokeMaster Pack
The PokeMaster Pack is your chance at pulling a Pokemon booster pack from any generation! Get your shot at a piece of Pokemon history!
5 Current Era Booster Packs
1 BONUS Booster Pack
The Bonus Booster Pack can contain a booster pack from any Pokemon generation, all the way back to the original Base Set!
There are 4 tiers of Bonus Booster Packs:
Poke Tier: 1 Additional Current Era Booster Pack (1:1 Odds, Minimum Guarantee)
Great Tier: 1 Sun & Moon or XY Era Booster Pack (1:5 Odds)
Ultra Tier: 1 Black & White Era Booster Pack (1:10 Odds)
Master Tier: 1 WOTC Era (First Generation, Possible 1st Edition) through HeartGold SoulSilver Era Booster Pack (1:25 Odds)
Total Odds of Pulling a Great Tier or Higher: (1:2.94)


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Customer Reviews

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Mark Hoover

PokeMaster Pack

For the content!

Of course, I got the worst pack but it's a great concept and I will be buying more once they're in stock.

Link Felton
I'm never this lucky!

I decided to purchase this after receiving a coupon for a free Crown Zenith Booster Pack with any $5+ order. This sound fun and interesting. I was NOT expecting to get lucky and pull a Base Set 2 Raichu Boost Pack. I don't think I can open this thing. It looks pristine. I only recently in the last month got back into collecting since I was a kid. And to already have something like this is insane. Thank you so much!

Absolute insanity!!

I bought this with a bunch of other products running out to $200 and I did not think I was going to get anything crazy from this but then I ended up pulling a base set to booster pack from 2000. Probably the best Mystery Pack I'll ever open

Worth buying

I bought two and they have a great pack selection, and the mystery pack is worth the risk. From one of mine I got a XY Evolutions pack. I debated opening it or not but ended up opening it and got the holo charizard! Highly recommended

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