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Introducing the all new Poke-Collect Value Packs! 

What is a Value Pack?
Value Packs are guaranteed to contain value equal to or greater than the price listed! For example, a $100 Value Pack will include a variety of cards worth at least $100 combined.
Value Packs can consist of modern cards, vintage, Japanese, the possibilities are endless! You'll receive no less than 5 cards per pack, and no more than 20 cards. No matter what, you'll come out ahead with these packs! 
Values are determined using the same method we use on our website to price individual cards which is: TCGPlayer market price. For Japanese cards, we will use prices on our website if the card is listed. If it is not listed, we will use 3rd party marketplaces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bought 2 packs

Quite a decent selection of cards definitely you will get your money worth of cards.

Ryan Willette

100 $ exactly of value

Best mystery pack!

I got great variety of cards from vintage set to modern set, both english and japanese cards. Didn't expect to get my money worth. Pulled rainbow unown vstar which is the card i needed for my master set. Few cards i already owned is alright, I can pull them in my trade binder. Their mystery pack that comes with booster packs are not so good, but these value pack is awesome! I would buy more of the these value packs in the future!

Blair Stevens

Well worth the money

Jace Alejandro
Didn’t expect to get my money’s worth

I thought I got scammed until I looked up the cards price

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