Style: 1st Edition Reverse Holo
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  • Rarity:Gold
  • Number:22
  • Page Type:Beastie
  • Tribe:Bird
  • Spellbook Limit:4
  • Aura Type:Lightning
  • Total Aura Cost:4
  • LP:90
  • Traits:First-Strike;Fleet;Flight
  • 4th Wall Effects:Lightning +50
  • Ability:Power: Cardinal Winds: Reveal the top Page of your Spellbook. If the revealed is not an Aura Page and its name starts with N,W, E, or S, deal 25 Damage to target Page or Caster. Shuffle the revealed Page into your Spellbook.
  • Attack:Static Beam (30) (Paralyze)
    Static Beam does +10 Damage for every Lightbulb directly above the Battleground.
  • Meta-Data:DON: ??? GPS: USA Weight: 210.5kg Height: 16.5m
  • Flavor Text:It is said that this cryptid is the King of all Thunderbirds, and was old when the first Thunderbird hatched. It is known to feed on them regularly.

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