Sam Sinclair

Style: 1st Edition Reverse Holo
Sale price$20.00


  • Rarity:Gold
  • Number:20
  • Page Type:Beastie
  • Tribe:Humanoid
  • Spellbook Limit:1
  • Aura Type:Light
  • Total Aura Cost:4
  • LP:90
  • Traits:Fleet
  • 4th Wall Effects:Daytime +25
  • Ability:While Sam Sinclair is in the Arena, any Page with "Sam's" in its name may be Contracted without paying its Aura cost.
    Power: Investigate: - Reveal face-down Trap Page and then return it to its original position. Do not resolve its Effects. - Reveal Page of your choice in target Caster's Chapter and then shuffle the chosen Page into their Spellbook.
  • Attack:Holy Shot (40) (Dark)
  • Meta-Data:DOB: August 12, 2012 GPS: Point Pleasant, WV Weight: 93kg Height: 1.9m
  • Flavor Text:Sam only recently decided to train to battle the Dark Beasties, but his potential is known to be truly remarkable.

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