Silver Bullet

Style: 1st Edition Reverse Holo
Sale price$20.00


  • This Artifact can only be contracted if you control a non Dark Aura Beastie. You may Fatigue Silver Bullet and place it into the Afterlife to choose and effect: 1. Place target Dark Aura Beastie or Spirit Aura Beastie into the Afterlife. OR 2. Fatigue target Beastie.
    • Rarity:Gold
    • Number:27
    • Page Type:Artifact
    • Spellbook Limit:10
    • Aura Type:Light
    • Total Aura Cost:1
    • Flavor Text:Made after the Veil was put in place, these Silver Bullets are said to be made by a truly powerful Caster with a major wolf problem.

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