Uncle Sam

Style: 1st Edition Reverse Holo
Sale price$10.00


  • Rarity:Gold
  • Number:8
  • Page Type:Beastie
  • Tribe:Humanoid
  • Spellbook Limit:1
  • Aura Type:Colorless
  • Total Aura Cost:5
  • LP:90
  • Traits:Spirit;Unblockable
  • Ability:This beastie enters the Arena Awakened and gains Unblockable when Contracted if there is an American flag within eyesight.
  • Attack:Liberty Smash (20)
    Liberty Smash's Damage is equal to 20X the number of American citizen Casters in this game.
  • Meta-Data:DOB: 1775 GPS: USA Weight: 92.5kg Height: 2.2m
  • Flavor Text:Uncle Sam is an important member of the crew that delivers MetaZoo's mail!

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