Auction Policies & FAQ

You may now bid on high end items, lots, singles, sealed products and more here on our website. In order to bid on our items, you must follow these rules:

1. All bids are binding and if you are the highest bidder, you will receive an e-mail with checkout instructions for your auction. (You can also checkout from your account page). 

2. Failure to pay for an auction that you have won may result in account termination.

3. Buyer is responsible for shipping charges at checkout (if applicable).

4. Shill bidding (fake bids) will result in immediate account termination.

5. Buyers who win an auction have 24 hours to complete checkout. If checkout has not been completed within this time, the buyer's account may be subject to being disabled temporarily or termination.


- How will I know if I've won an auction?

You will receive an e-mail noting that you have won an auction and instructions on how to checkout. You may also check your account under "Auction History" for a checkout option for your auction.

- How long do I have to pay for the auction that I won?

Buyers have 24 hours to pay for their auction. After this time has passed, the next highest bidder will be chosen and your account may be subject to being disabled temporarily or termination.

- Can I purchase an item without bidding?

Some items may have a "Buy it Now" option, or an option to add the item to cart for it's full listed price.

- Can I combine my auction with other products I would like to purchase?

You may request to add your auction to another order to combine shipping costs. To do so, please e-mail to request a custom invoice.