$1000 Pokemon Mega Mystery Box

Sale price$1,000.00


The long awaited Mega Mystery Boxes are here! 

We are taking our Mystery Boxes one step further with our Mega Mystery Box! This box will contain a wide variety of products and will be a guaranteed hit for any Pokemon fan. Take your Pokemon collection to the next level today!

Here are some examples of products you may receive in your Mega Mystery Box:

English Sealed Products (Booster Boxes, Elite Trainer Boxes, Booster Packs)

Japanese Sealed Products (Booster Boxes, Special Sets)

Pokemon Singles (Modern Cards & Vintage)

Poke-Collect Custom Packs

Graded Cards

Pokemon Plushies & Toys

Pokemon Accessories (Binders, Deck Boxes, Sleeves)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Great product

daniel cuyugan
Definitely the best mystery box i've ordered

Got my box and I would say I like the variety. Though I didn't get a graded card inside. I thought it was guaranteed(can someone answer pls). The overall value was close to what I paid. Definitely will buy it again. Items I received:
3 ETBs(silver T., CZ, Darkness ablaze), 2 english BB (lost origins and S&V base), UPC charizard collection box, CZ collection boxes (Marni, regileki, regidrago), 3 CZ tins, 2 Japanese BB, Mewtwo play mat, CZ zacian/zamazenta collection boxes, VIP box, and 100 value card pack.

Shaela Roe
$1,000 mystery box

My husband and I enjoyed opening this mystery box. We look forward to ordering more mystery boxes

Tom Maffett
Excellent Product!

I have purchased this product on three separate occasions and I received an excellent variety of products every time. I have received multiple Booster Boxes (English & Japanese which is great for what I wanted), ETBs, various different Collections including Charizard UPCs, Tournament Collections, individual Booster Packs from great sets, Tin Sets, VIP Mystery Boxes, PSA and CGC Grade 10 Cards, Plushies, Binders, Sleeves, POP Figures, and more. Not only was the variety great, but each box was different in its own way as well. I pulled a $275 card from a Japanese Booster Box (obviously anecdotal and not guaranteed, but still awesome) and received excellent graded cards, one of which is listed in the photos. I have read one or two negative reviews regarding the value of this product. First, one thing that must be considered is the experience involved when opening this box. I opened them all with my wife and daughter, both of whom were just as excited. While that holds no monetary value, it was definitely an awesome aspect of the purchase. If someone wants to spend $1000 and knows exactly which products they want, then of course it makes more sense to purchase those items individually. But this box is intended to be a Mystery Box, meaning you are relying on Poke-collect to put together a variety of items which approximate $1000 in aggregate value. I have yet to be disappointed and will continue purchasing my items from Poke-collect. As other reviews have stated, Poke-collect is clearly knowledgeable and takes great care to provide an excellent mystery box.

Mitchell Vallins

I just received this box for Christmas. Here are the contents and their estimated values to give an example of what you might receive. Values are based on current online listings.

Astral Radiance BB - $100

Silver Tempest BB - $115

Charizard UPC - $100

2 Evolving Skies ETBs - $120

Japanese Dark Phantasma BB - $50

Japanese Pokémon Go BB - $50

Silver Tempest Booster Bundle - $20

Master Tier Graded Card Mystery Pack - $100

Assorted Plushes from Pokémon Center - $40

Kanto Power Collection Box - $200

Shining Fates Pack - $5

Hidden Fates Pack - $20

XY Evolutions Pack - $20

Fall 2022 Collector’s Tin - $25

Overall Estimated Value - $965

3.5% premium on the box is very good compared to some mystery boxes I have seen. The creators of the box clearly are knowledgable on the hobby and therefore provided a nice variety of items including fan favorite sets and older, less available products. The person who gifted this to me has little to no knowledge on the hobby. They could not have put together a better box with a similar budget. Therefore, the premium you pay represents the expertise of the creators in order to ensure the satisfaction of the recipient.

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