Cryptid Nation: Wilderness - First Edition Spell Book

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Set: Cryptid Nation: Wilderness Sealed
Release Date: 2022-03-31
The brush rustles—a flash of green and brown that rushes by in an instant—and then you heart it…a low growl, only feet from where you stand! MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation‘s Wilderness expands on the world beyond the Veil, this time deep in the forests of Cryptid Nation. Bigfoot lurks behind the forest-line, and the peaceful Cumberland Dragon roars on the Cliffside! Contract these Beasties with love, for they will be your greatest allies!

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is a cryptid-themed TCG for 2–4 players. Players assume the roles of Casters, their decks representing Spellbooks from which they cast powerful Spells, summon ancient Artifacts, and form Contracts with beloved cryptids to aid them in the arena. Be wary of your surroundings though—the environment around the arena has the potential to strengthen your Beasties or even weaken your spells!

• 10 Cryptid Nation: Wilderness booster packs
• 1 Exclusive Cryptid Nation: Wilderness holographic promo card
• 1 Metallic coin
• 1 Rulebook
• 60 MetaZoo sleeves
• 1 MetaZoo map
• 1 MetaZoo token sheet
• 1 MetaZoo sealed Aura deck

(Each booster pack contains 12 randomly inserted game cards.)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
James jones
Great product

Great product got some good pulls

Joel Theis
New to metazoo

It was a very Interesting game, the cards are good quality and the artwork is very intriguing. My son and I liked it very much and will be buying it again.

Gerardo Gomez
delivered on time and in mint condition

packages came on time and they were really well taken care of.

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