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Poke-Collect VIP BOX
Marco Zamorano

Poke-Collect VIP BOX

Perfect for gift

I bought this for my son and he loves it!

Great Deal

Under retail price and got to me really quick, overall good purchase.

One of the best online Pokemon card shops!

I've made a few purchases with Poke-Collect this year and every time, even if it's not a chase card, I've had a guaranteed hit or lucky pack draw. For this new purchase I've decided to get the "ultimate collector box" and it was the best pulls I've had yet! Will be getting more when they're not sold out that is!

Twilight Masquerade Booster Box

This box was very fun to open! Sadly, I did not have the luck to pull the Illustration Rare Infernape I was hoping for, but the set itself is really cool and I was able to snag the Illustration Rare Hisuian Growlithe and some other cool stuff. I also really appreciated the prerelease sale! I definitely plan to get more prerelease booster boxes in the future.

Everything you are looking for but better

I have seen many Offers but most always end up being disappointments. Here everything is the opposite. Totally recommended seller.

Poke-Collect Japanese Mega Pack Bundle

Poke-Collect VIP BOX
Carlos Sanchez

Poke-Collect VIP BOX

Scarlet & Violet: Twilight Masquerade Booster Box

PokeMaster Pack
Mark Hoover

PokeMaster Pack

VMAX God Pack
Javier Price-Ramos

I love the cards new ones every time now dupes

Poke-Collect VIP BOX
Juan Morales

Always an A+ seller.

Came when expected. Perfect gift for a collector

Boss's Orders (Full Art) (189/192) [SWSH02: Rebel Clash]

Pokemon $25+ Value Pack
Doval Prasad Prasad
Maybe worth it

I guess this my unlucky part but still worth a 5* I don't think I pull things worth 25$ but definitely some cool cards, give it try everything else was a banger from Poke-collect


Maybe it's my luck but iv been lucky enough to reiceve Grade 10 everytime, sometimes they are jap cards. But great way to start collecting slabs

Worth every penny

If I could I'd buy 1 of these ever week to "unbox" on YouTube, they are worth every penny, thank you guys for the being so awesome.

Poke-Collect VIP BOX
Doval Prasad Prasad

Poke-collect, thank you guys for not always making sure us the customer is always satisfied with our purchase! Good packs F**ing great slab, thank you kings, and queens ! Your guys deserve to be better than TCG

God pack

Poke Collect has always come through on providing legitimate fair priced products. I ordered 2 of these boxes to open and one of the boxes had a god pack! I have never pulled a god pack before and it was one of the most exciting moments I’ve had opening packs. Highly recommend buying this set of any other set you might be interested in off of the poke collect site.

Legendary Holo Pack
Raymond Perkins
Legendary holo pack

The pack was absolutely amazing!!! Will forever buy from this site!

Fun Times!

Boss man and the whole chat makes the live break a good experience. Prices are fair and you get some unofficial advise on whether to grade cards. Hope you check it out!

Silver tempest Great!! Get it!

I've just got back into the pokemon tcg scene and poke collect and the live breaks have been engaging and entertaining.

100 Holo Rare Bulk Lot
julian del gobbo
Good variety

Cards are in good shape and there is variety, very exiting to see what comes

Noah Pak Gorstein
Greatpack greatproduct

The greatpack came just as advertised and was a great deal. It’s a fun pack to open with friends and I’ll definitely be picking another one up soon! Great diverse assortment of cards with a mixture of English and japanese

Layne Hatfield
Great variety

No dups, all from different sets in NM condition.