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Worth It!

The value packs have quickly become my favorite offerings from PokeCollect, as you literally get your money's worth. I bought two packs and had some great pulls. Will definitely buy again in future.

Best mystery pack!

I got great variety of cards from vintage set to modern set, both english and japanese cards. Didn't expect to get my money worth. Pulled rainbow unown vstar which is the card i needed for my master set. Few cards i already owned is alright, I can pull them in my trade binder. Their mystery pack that comes with booster packs are not so good, but these value pack is awesome! I would buy more of the these value packs in the future!

Great product

Great product got some good pulls

Best deal

I'm so glad I got this bundle. At first I was just going to open the 2 V boxes and 1 of the ETB's and keep the other ETB sealed. But I ended up ordering a Pokemon Center ETB so I figured I'd open it. Got the Mewtwo Vstar. So with that and the Secret Rare Pikachu I got and everything else, I definitely made my money back and then some. So thanks for the deal. I kind of wish you had one similar for Scarlet & Violet. I know you have a bundle but maybe a smaller one. With just a Booster box and the 2 ETB's. I'd definitely get it.

Good quality

Good quality

Japanese V All Star Pack


Real, great condition, and great packaging! 10/10 would buy again



Ultimate Mystery Pack
Milton Rivera
Great Product

The pack came with amazing cards. It was definitly worth the amount i spent on it!!

It was awesome.

They have good pokemon cards. It's a guaranteed hit.

Excellent condition of the product, and correct shipment

Japanese Ultimate Collection Pack

Sword & Shield - Ultra-Premium Collection (Charizard)

Sweet new collection box

First time ordering from poke-collect. They have a great selection with some of the best prices I've seen. Wanted this new box set once it came out and it arrived very shortly after ordering. It came safely packaged in great condition. Def going to order more from them and would recommend to anyone.

Nice pack!

Got typical V's, though I did get an Alakazam full art with was cool. Overall I recommend buying this!

Great Product

Money was well spent, the product arrived very quickly in only a few days, and was in great condition

Great Quality

This card came in excellent condition, a high quality card

Great box, It was very cheap and had good value inside.

Mega Pack Mystery Box

So much fun to open, full of surprises, got some amazing cards

Japanese Mega Pack Mystery Box

Love the style on the Japanese cards.

Got what I ordered

Everything came, both cards I ordered were in better condition then expected. Lightly played and near mint, both was in mint condition. Wasn't a fan of the duty fee. Otherwise would order again!

Poke-Collect VIP BOX
Eloy Mcclusky
Awesome sauce

Very cool! Worth the price!!!

Japanese Beedrill

Gorgeous card shipped well and in great condition.

1000+ card master collection

Great product, highly recommend for kids who are into pokemon or want to start a collection

It was very nice

I got good cards!