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I loved my cards

They arrived on time and in safe condition will be doing more transactions with this company

Excellent card and service as always

Great cute card :)


Thank you so much i am very pleased with my card it was in prestine condition great care i was scared to buy but i no longer have conflictions about this site i very highly recommend POKE COLLECT!

It was good

Awesome set

Really cool set, I pulled out my favourite rainbow V star arceus card from my first purchased box!!

Ultra Rare Only Pack
Elizabeth Spindler
Awesome gift

Got this as a gift for someone else, they loved it. Good for any pokémon lover.

VMAX God Pack

it is good. i really want darkness ablaze charizard. and with this pack... my dreams might become true

Great card

Cards fantastic and always in perfect shape

Poke-Collect Monthly Mystery Box

Predictable Varity

Not a bad mystery box, but a bit predictable- A plush, combo box, some Japanese packs, and booster packs to meet the 'value' listed.
Feels like you get your monies worth in un-opened product and everything is sealed and well packed.


This product was amazing and would definitely purchase again

Awesome 👍

One of my favorite cards even though it's in Japanese, I have a Japanese set. I find it really good and it was really well details

Thank you

Cute tin and awesome product

It was delivered 2 days before expected and packaged well.

Dragapult Prime

Pulled a rare card!

good pickup

The VMAX's were very good and a lot of money to sell and pickup was easy.

Premium Mystery Pack

Fantastic selection of cards. Even got some I needed for a couple decks I'm making.

Everything came on time, undamaged and sealed.

Ultra rare Japanese pack

I loved all the cards that came in and I also like the delivery!

got some of my best cards

buying from here again

perfect condition

buying from here again

Semi rigid top loaders work great!!!

They are perfect. Can’t wait to send in some cards for grading


Great box! Love the Pikachu V card