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PokeMaster Pack
Link Felton
I'm never this lucky!

I decided to purchase this after receiving a coupon for a free Crown Zenith Booster Pack with any $5+ order. This sound fun and interesting. I was NOT expecting to get lucky and pull a Base Set 2 Raichu Boost Pack. I don't think I can open this thing. It looks pristine. I only recently in the last month got back into collecting since I was a kid. And to already have something like this is insane. Thank you so much!

Poke-Collect VIP BOX
Philipe Contreras
Best Bang for the price!

Order this VIP box for my son. He just started collecting pokémon cards. Got his first PSA 10 Charizard card. Once back in stock I will be buying more VIP boxes. Got to the catch them all!

VMAX God Pack
Oakley Bauermeister

Veary good 👍

Great pack for the price

Wow, this is a really good deal great cards for the price. My son just started collecting pokémon cards and this is a great add to his japanese pokemon Card collection. We got from different packs NO duplicates on this value is way more that what you pay for. Will but a more and recommend it to all that what to collect hollo japanese pokemon Cards.

Japanese VMAX Holo Pack
Alexandra Gain
Vmax Japanese holo pack

Great pack for your $$

Gallery Pack
Khylie Jiang
Very satisfied

I'm a gallery art collector and purchasing this set was definitely worth my buck. I got a mix of English and Japanese ones and they all arrived in good condition. Will be buying more in the future!


Love it…


Loved it


Solid price, arrived safe and protected. A+

V God Pack
alex siguenza
Great pack

Really great product especially for the price.


Beautiful Card!!! Im definitely happy.


Great toy! looks cool

Great experience!

Best price and products in stock. Shipped safely and arrived in a timely manner. Will shop again thank you!


I don’t usually like rainbows in the sword and shield set but, this one is very attractive.

enjpyed and liied it

it was very interesting and surprising

Pretty good

Definitely nice set. I was just a little sad because I already had 3 of them, but yes, good cards for sure. Thank you.

VMAX God Pack
Matt Fraijo
Vmax God pack

Good pulls, good if you want to build your collection, you get some English and some Japanese cards

Snow hazard.

Great product.

Ultra Rare Only Pack
DeAngelo Roberts
Ultra rare pack pull

My kids absolutely loved the cards they received. Every single pack has always been amazing. My kids constantly are ordering through the site

Beautiful cards

I just started collecting Japanese cards for their beauty so every card i recieved was a great addition to my Japanese collection. Ill be ordering more very soon. Actualy right now come to think of it.

Definitely the best mystery box i've ordered

Got my box and I would say I like the variety. Though I didn't get a graded card inside. I thought it was guaranteed(can someone answer pls). The overall value was close to what I paid. Definitely will buy it again. Items I received:
3 ETBs(silver T., CZ, Darkness ablaze), 2 english BB (lost origins and S&V base), UPC charizard collection box, CZ collection boxes (Marni, regileki, regidrago), 3 CZ tins, 2 Japanese BB, Mewtwo play mat, CZ zacian/zamazenta collection boxes, VIP box, and 100 value card pack.

Shiny Full Art Pack
Dominic Savio
Fun pack

Definitely a fun pack to buy just go some fun and mystery, would be a great gift for kids interested in the hobby

Shiny Full Art Pack
Haley Ferrington

I love this shop so much, they always have products in stock unlike most stores. Best place to shop for Pokémon!

Nice Cards

Helped expand my collection of cards